Swaziland Network Campaign for Education for All

The Swaziland Network Campaign for Education for All (SWANCEFA) is a national education coalition campaigning for Swazis ‘rights to quality and inclusive education for all’. The role of SWANCEFA is to organize civil society organizations and partners to discuss issues of policy making, promotion of public and media debate and to strengthen its member organization’s through capacity building, coordination of activities and better use of each organization’s expertise in promoting education for all. SWANCEFA’s main mandate is to advocate and lobby for policies that promote the right to quality and inclusive education for all in Swaziland.

Terms of Reference to carry out a final evaluation of the EOL financed National Education Coalition Project 2020-2021.

Evaluation of EOL financed National Education Coalition Project 2020-2021”


Here is an opportunity that's require a post graduate in Social Sciences, Education, Law from a recognized university in the task of Development of Training Manual on the right to education and safe learning spaces for leaners in school and conducting training on same.

SMS technology based repoting system

AN IT specialist in the field of programming is needed to develop an sms system for the company within a period of 35 days. Individuals with the certain requirements must submit their documents before the 14th May 2022

Development of Gender and Safeguarding Policy for SWANCEFA

Increasing access to inclusive quality education and learning opportunities for all especially the marginalized inESwatini. Last date of submission is on the 10th May 2022.

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our school to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs

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Swaziland Network Campaign For Education For All